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"Please, talk with me" Best Feature Film Spirit Quest Film Fest

On April 25th, 2014, Spirit Quest Film Fest announced that "Please, talk with me" is the winner of Best Feature Film! The PTWM Film Production is truly grateful to Spirit Quest, the judges and all who attended. Congratulations to the cast and crew as well as the survivors of the C2D1 Haunting that the film recreates.


Directed by Mara Katria
Adapted for Screen by Chris Di Cesare
From the Original "C2D1 Journal" by J. Jeff Ungar
Produced by William Edwards

Kyle Shea - Chris
Aaron Katter - Jeff
Nicholas Pearl - Tommy
Ben Bandel - Peter
Clara Heller - Abby
Tyler Peck - Chad
Dawn Sobolewski - Lucy
Matthew Miller - Carl
David Lanson - Father Charlie
Izabella Cylc - Liza
Jason Xay - Dr. Castle
Matthew Di Cesare - Himself
Jonathan Jaehnert - Jonathan
Evan Johnson - Parker
Howah Hung - Ambrose
Alana Cooper - Beatrice
Buck Lawrence - Dreadful Spirit #1
Micah Lopez - Dreadful Spirit #2
Robert Webb - Dreadful Spirit #3
David Wall - Coach Klehr
Andy Seidel - Lecturer #1 (Ed)
Lisa Blake - Lecturer #2 (Lorraine)
Anthony Guido Romano - Young Jeff
Jennifer Olivera - Poster Model
Matthew Casper - Cave Stunt Double
Michael Bernardi - DJ Mike
Josh Aquino - Luke
Chris Di Cesare - Himself
Tim Shaw - Himself
Narrated - J. Jeff Ungar

Steven Wroblewski
Drew Sellitti
John Fotia
JF Garcia

Max Hlubik
Steven Northrup
Santiago Stephens
Jacqueline Raymond
Anre Diedericks
Andrew Ash
Roger Yeh
Lawrence Parker
Jamie Gutierrez
Andrew Greer
Jesse Reinle
Matthew Krause
Michael Campion
Linda Gilmore
Matthew Link
Cait Farrell

Danny Madonia
John Di Lorenzo
T. Julian Bell
Campbell Decker
Clara Lawrence
David Kraai
Derek Pickles
Joe Barra
Kara Lockheart
Ken Thompson
Marisa Miles
Marianne Beaudet-Fauble
Sam DeWitt
Valerie Lewis
Havier Sanchez
Wayne Cantero

Benjamin Bradford
Benjamin Tarter
Emily Sprague
Jake Shea
Joseph Keenan
Kelly Knowles
Patricia Lyon
Lloyd Lyon
MJ Hanley-Goff

Mara Katria - Director
William Edwards - Producer
Kerry Lyon - Camera Operator #1
Jason Xay - Camera Operator #2
Rick Gibbons - Camera Operator #3
Lloyd LeBaron - DP Goshen Shoot
Brandi Morris - Special FX Makeup
Rosa Marina LaPiana - New Paltz Makeup
Buck Lawrence - Boom Operator
Michael Lewis - Props Master
Alan Lewis - Production Assistant
Claire Grey - Production Assistant
Based on the C2D1 Journal Notes by J. Jeff Ungar
Adapted for Screen by Key Witness Chris Di Cesare

Mara Katria - Editor
William Edwards - Producer
Chris Di Cesare - Historical Consultant
J. Jeff Ungar - Script Supervisor
Kerry Lyon - Graphic Artist
Michael Lewis - Audio Liaison

D. Rand Thomas
 Michael Lewis

"Look at Your Hands" - J. Jeff Ungar
"Used" - Mara Katria
"Blessing" - Mara Katria

"I Watch You"
Writer: David Flass
Performed by: "Belief Guild"
Flass, Ungar, Thomas, Lewis

"Unfamiliar Moon"
Album: "Unfamiliar Moon"
Performed by: Vance Gilbert

"You Can Do it Too"
Album: "Sentimental Breakdown"
Performed by: Todd Hope

SUNY Geneseo
Tracy Gagnier
The Bill Rodgers Running Center
LB Archives
Howard Appell - Livingston County News
Bethlehem Presbyterian Church
Joseph M. Dolce
Stephanie Medina - Late Knight
Chelsea Butkowski - Lamron
New Rose Theater
SUNY New Paltz
PSU Pattee-Paterno Library
Alison Goldberg - Daily Collegian
SUNY Orange and the Computer Club
Dale Kaczmarek - Ghost Research Society
Vincent T. Dacquino
Dave Jones - Para-X Radio
Tim Shaw - The Black Cat Lounge
Marla Brooks - Stirring the Cauldron
Lloyd LeBaron - Goshen Inn
Eilfie Music - Paranormal Research Society
Chris Edwards- Paranormal Research Society
Justin Remaley
Joshua Gregory - Edge of the Unknown
Mark Keyes - Paranormal Science
Scott Schultz and NY-X Paranormal
Connie Stinson
Mark Lyon Photography
Caterwaul Books
Reenactors, Ed Manning and Joe Harding
Charlie Kane - Kane Motors
Little Pops Pizza - Maybrook, NY
Vanity Signs, Maybrook, NY
College Bed Lofts - Horseheads, NY

*     *     *     *     *

A very special thanks to those who endured
the 1985 C2D1 Haunting in Geneseo, New York
and were brave, kind and generous enough
to tell their story.

*     *     *     *     *

An EiA Film
CITA Ventures 2012

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